Or maybe I should say, “I Sanbe Sanbe” which is Happy New Year in Bambara, the local language.   The town is quiet now, resting from a raucous last night of parties, fireworks, and all-night carousing.  Except for the dress of the people and the amazingly bad dirt roads, I could be describing a Jan 1st in Portland.  Except that it was 75 degrees and sunny 😉

New Year’s Eve saw us up early and prepping for our party.  Kofalen invited a local Balafon and drumming group to play for us in the Mango grove.   What a hoot!  Most of the neighborhood showed up and I think we danced the entire afternoon.  It was dusty and hot but nobody seemed to care.  Children were everywhere!  Towards the end, the drum leader started a call and response with all members of the Diakite family to sing praise and  give thanks for the honor of playing.  Since we are guests of Wague and Ronna, we were included in this.  The dancing got even more raucous at that point.

Earlier in the morning, Joyce, Larry and myself were all presented gifts of robes from Cissoko, the gentleman that changed our money our first day here.  Much better than wearing jeans and short sleeve shirts to the dance!

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New Year’s Eve night was a quiet time and the rooftop of the center a great place to watch 2012 roll in.

Ini Sou (Good night)