Wague, Larry, Hossein, Tami, Joyce, Deidre, and myself at “Bla Bla”, a Gabonese restaurant in Bamako.  The food was simple but elegantly prepared.  Many of the dishes were served on skewers with rice and fresh vegetables.  My pork chops were very very good and there were plenty of them.  No worries about lack of protein today!

The building was typical for the area and constructed with a concrete post and beam system, cast in place concrete floor slabs at all levels, and mud brick infill for the walls.  The place where we were sitting was in a part of the building with the roof slab removed and we were dining alfresco amongst the interior ruins.  It was a brilliant response to fixing a broken building by simply removing the offending piece.  Its the first time I’ve seen this type of design response in Mali. Between the quality of the food, the interesting surroundings, the good company and the balmy weather …. well, it was a nice night.

I promise to blog about Timbuktu soon.  I have nearly finished the writing and the pictures are uploading as we speak!