January 10, 2013

Things are getting more and more suspicious around here. Yesterday, a school full of children was taken hostage by the bad guys and Mali soldiers that came to help were told to put their weapons down to save the children; then the bad guys killed those 12 soldiers. But the military retaliated and killed 30 bad guys. But they don’t to know if some of them may have infiltrated into the Mopti area. So the minister of education announced last night all schools from first grade to universities be closed until they are ordered to open. They said the safety of children is the first priority. Since the minister said that his announcement includes private schools, organizational tutoring or anywhere where 10 or more kids are taught. Modibo is going to pause classes at the center for a few days because the law said so, but also for safety reasons of all our children. Our new niece and daughter (Djeneba, Madou and Bade’s baby) is definitely the sunshine of the day here, she give us hope daily with her charming smiles.

Only love from us,
Wague, Madou, Seydou,& Modibo